Intercalary Months

The following additional months of Addar have been noted:

716Ṭāb-ṣil-Ešarra[ ]:xiia
710Šamaš-bēlu-uṣur[ ]:xiia
PCNabû-tappûtu-alik1 and 14:xiia

One tablet appears to have a second Elul:

707Ša-Aššur-dubbu[ ]:via

Alan Millard

Alan Millard, 'Intercalary Months', The Eponyms of the Assyrian Empire 910-612 BC, SAAS 2. Original publication: Helsinki, Helsinki University Press, 1994; online contents: SAAo/SAAS2 Project, a sub-project of MOCCI, 2020 []

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