Incomplete and Uncertain Eponym Dates

The dates of several tablets are uncertain because, although partly preserved, the legible signs are insufficient to identify the eponyms satisfactorily. Examples are mman-nu-[         ] (ADD 300 r. 11) , maš-šur-[        ] (ADD 80.10; 101.13; 211.39), mnabû-[        ], ND2424.12, 13 (Iraq 23 pl. XII), [        ] amēlturtānu (ADD 306 r.2), [        ] amēlsukkallu (ADD 629.28), mšùl-[        ] amēlšá-kìn āl[        ] (ADD 332 r.15,16). In other cases, either of two alternatives is equally possible, thus the title amēlšá-kìn āldūr-šarru-uk-[ka] (ADD 425.46) could apply to either Nabû-bēlu-uṣur (672), or to Šarru-lū-dāri (664), and has been allocated to the latter; where only the first part of the place name remains, āldūr-[        ], no decision can be taken on assigning the text to one of those two, to Iddin-aḫḫē of 693, or to Mušallim-Aššur of Dūr-Sîn-aḫḫē-erība of 667 (K1477.r.5,6 ADD 637). A tablet dated 10:xi:[        ] rab šarēši could belong to Nabû-šarru-uṣur either of 682 or PC (81-2-4,350.4,5; Iraq 27 p. 16 no. 35). Likewise, two date-lines preserving only the word mātqu-e could be assigned to Aššur-daʾʾinanni (685), to Marduk-šarru-uṣur (PC) or to Nabû-daʾʾinanni (PC), and have, in fact, been omitted (NARGD 22, p. 52; K108. 15.7´; Or. 42, p. 443). One tablet bears the end of a double date in Sargon' s reign, but nothing more exact: [         -k]en arkûu [        ] šar mātdaššurKl (K2691). Other examples could be added.

Alan Millard

Alan Millard, 'Incomplete and Uncertain Eponym Dates', The Eponyms of the Assyrian Empire 910-612 BC, SAAS 2. Original publication: Helsinki, Helsinki University Press, 1994; online contents: SAAo/SAAS2 Project, a sub-project of MOCCI, 2020 []

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