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RINAP Scores


In situ remains of the first colossus of the Court H, Door c bulls (text no. 43 ex. 1), with an inscription of Sennacherib describing the construction of the "Palace Without a Rival" carved between its hind legs and under its belly. © J.M. Russell.

Of the 1037 Neo-Assyrian royal inscriptions presently published by the RINAP Project (2011–23), score transliterations for only 55 of those texts were made available at the back of RINAP 1 [] (p. 191) and on the searchable CD-ROMs accompanying RINAP 3/1 [], RINAP 3/2 [], and RINAP 4 []. Given the outdated nature of the media, no CD-ROM were created for the 26 inscriptions of Sargon II, the 41 texts of Ashurbanipal, the 1 inscription of Aššur-etel-ilāni, and 5 texts of Sîn-šarra-iškun that had score transliterations in RINAP 2 [] and RINAP 5/1–3 []. Although there are numerous other official inscriptions that are known from more than one exemplar, it is not the policy of the RINAP Project to provide complete transliterations of all exemplars in the style of musical scores for texts written or stamped on bricks or for seal inscriptions. This sub-project of RINAP Online aims to make the published score transliterations more accessible by publishing them online. To access RINAP's scores, click here [] or click on the "Browse Online Corpus" link to the left. To download the pdfs of the RINAP scores, click on RINAP 2 [], RINAP 3/1 [], RINAP 3/2 [], RINAP 4 [], RINAP 5/1 [], RINAP 5/2 [], and RINAP 5/3 []. To access individual object transliterations of the exemplars included in the score transliterations, click here [].

Some details about the 129 inscriptions for which the RINAP Project provided score transliterations with its published composite editions are included in the Tiglath-pileser III Scores [], Sargon II Scores [] Sennacherib Scores [], Esarhaddon Scores [] pages, Ashurbanipal Scores [], Aššur-etel-ilāni Scores [], and Sîn-šarra-iškun Scores [] of this sub-project. Further information about those texts, including catalogues of sources and bibliographical references, can be found on the RINAP 1 [], RINAP 3 [], RINAP 4 [], and RINAP 5 [] sub-project pages.

For catalogues of the sources on which the inscriptions of Tiglath-pileser III, Shalmaneser III, Sennacherib, and Esarhaddon were written, click on the following links: Index of Museum Numbers [], Index of Excavation Numbers [], Index of Excavation Photograph Numbers [], and Texts Listed by Object Type [].

The corpus of edited texts in this RINAP sub-project presently includes:

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