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The Notebooks of W.G. Lambert

picture of W.G. Lambert

W. G. Lambert (1926–2011) was an Assyriologist who spent much of his research time transliterating and copying cuneiform tablets in museums, especially the British Museum. His Nachlass included eight notebooks filled with handwritten transliterations of Babylonian and Assyrian texts. The notebooks contain more than five thousand transliterations, spread over nearly fifteen hundred pages. They are an astonishing record of sustained first-hand engagement with cuneiform tablets.

The pages of these eight notebooks have been numbered, scanned and indexed by Lambert's academic executor. They are placed online at ORACC as an open-access resource. It should be borne in mind that the transliterations are first drafts. Lambert invited a few colleagues to browse his notebooks during his lifetime but he did not write them for widespread distribution. The transliterations are therefore not to be taken as definitive, nor should any inaccuracies therein be held against their author.

Lambert's notebooks are made available here so that present and future scholars can use them to advantage in their own research. It is hoped that users of the notebooks will be encouraged by his example not to rely unhesitatingly on the work of a colleague but to visit museums and read cuneiform tablets at first hand. Should it be necessary nevertheless to quote the notebooks' contents, the recommended style is "Lambert Folio" followed by page number, e.g. K 9208 (Lambert Folio 9578).

Downloadable Files

 Image of part of Lambert Folio 9034, the first page of Notebook 2

Notebook 1 part 1: Lambert Folios 8897–8956 [/contrib/lambert/downloads/LNB Folios 8897_8956.pdf]
Notebook 1 part 2: Lambert Folios 8957–9029 [/contrib/lambert/downloads/LNB Folios 8957_9029.pdf]
Notebook 2: Lambert Folios 9034–9124 [/contrib/lambert/downloads/LNB Folios 9034_9124.pdf]
Notebook 3: Lambert Folios 9128–9379 [/contrib/lambert/downloads/LNB Folios 9128_9379.pdf]
Notebook 4: Lambert Folios 9393–9545 [/contrib/lambert/downloads/LNB Folios 9393_9545.pdf]
Notebook 5 part 1: Lambert Folios 9546–9676 [/contrib/lambert/downloads/LNB Folios 9546_9676.pdf]
Notebook 5 part 2: Lambert Folios 9677–9804 [/contrib/lambert/downloads/LNB Folios 9677_9804.pdf]
Notebook 6 part 1: Lambert Folios 9807–9939 [/contrib/lambert/downloads/LNB Folios 9807_9939.pdf]
Notebook 6 part 2: Lambert Folios 9940–10089 [/contrib/lambert/downloads/LNB Folios 9940_10089.pdf]
Notebook 7 part 1: Lambert Folios 10090–10208 [/contrib/lambert/downloads/LNB Folios 10090_10208.pdf]
Notebook 7 part 2: Lambert Folios 10209–10330 [/contrib/lambert/downloads/LNB Folios 10209_10330.pdf]
Berlin notebook: Lambert Folios 18381–18401 [/contrib/lambert/downloads/LNB Folios 18381_18401.pdf]
Index: Lambert Notebook Index [/contrib/lambert/downloads/LNB Index.xlsx]

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