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ACP 26

  • CDLI P522875
  • Collection no.: MRAH O.3696
  • Primary publication(s): ACP 26


  • Provenience: unknown (Ma'allanate)
  • Archive: 099 - Miscellaneous

Object Details

  • Object type: tablet
  • Material: clay
  • Script: Neo-Assyrian
  • Sealed/Marked: yes
  • Seal/Mark Type: cylinder seal
  • Number of Sealings:
  • Seal Owner(s): Tārik-šarrūtu

Text Details

  • Language: Akkadian (Neo-Assyrian)
  • Genre: Legal Transaction
  • Subgenre: debt note (silver)
  • Debtor: Tārik-šarrūtu


  • Period: Neo-Assyrian
  • Reign: Ashurbanipal (668–ca. 631 BC)
  • Dated: yes
  • Date: 659-I (Nisannu, eponymy of Silim-Aššur)

ACP 26 [debt note (silver)] [via ATAE/MALLANATE]

o 1o 1

NA₄.KIŠIB mta-ar-ku-MAN-u-

(o 1) Seal of Tārik-šarrūtu, village manager of the governor of Dūr-šarru-kēn.

o 22


o 33


o 44

ki-ṣir-te 09 GÍN-MEŠ .UD sak-⸢ru

(o 4) Envelope of nine minas of ref[in]ed silver belonging to Ḫarrānāia (is) at the disposition of Tārik-šarrūtu.

o 55

ša mKASKAL-a-a

o 66

ina IGI mta-ar-ku-MAN-u-

r 1r 1

a-na pu-ḫi i-ti-ši

(r 1) He has taken (it) on loan.

r 22

.UD a-na meš-li-šú

(r 2) The silver will increase by a half (in interest).

r 33


r 44

ITI.BARAG lim-mu msi-lim-+šur

(r 4) Month of Nisannu, eponym year of Silim-Aššur.

r 55

IGI mEN-I *.i-tu-a.a

(r 5) Witness: Bēl-na'di, Ituean, from the town of <Su>ḫme(?).

r 66

ša URU.<su!?>-uḫ-me

r 77

IGI mlu-te--e *.i-[tu-a-a]

(r 7) Witness: Lū-tēnê, Ituean.

t.e. 8t.e. 8


(r 8) Witness: Tammuzāiu.

Adapted from D. Homès-Fredericq and P. Garelli, Ma'allānāte, Archives d'un centre provincial de l'empire assyrien (Akkadica Supplementum 13), 2017, by Mary Frazer, Jamie Novotny, and Poppy Tushingham (2021) for the Munich Open-access Cuneiform Corpus Initiative (MOCCI), which is funded by LMU Munich and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation at the Historisches Seminar - Abteilung Alte Geschichte of Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. The text was lemmatized and translated into English by Mary Frazer. The online edition is released under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license 3.0. Please cite this page as